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THE MONDAY EDIT: Start-up Style

by Marisol Email

Three 'Bs' to start the week with: bright, bold and beautiful.The bright? This stunning red jacket in wool-twill by Stella McCartney.The bold? The Caradiaz Allegra necklace, a long statement piece that won't let you go unnoticed.The beautiful… more »


by Marisol Email

Do you dress the part for work? We do - we love to! - but never ever compromise on personality. We may turn up to the office in jeans and T-shirt, or a pretty dress, or a tailored suit but as long as we feel happy with how we look, that's all that matter… more »

A long lasting passion

by Marisol Email

I have been packing books away this morning – we are having some building work done in the house and I don’t want my books to get messy – and I came across what I call my private ‘Egyptian Library’.I fell in love with Egypt and its history when I was… more »

This month we are reading… DIOR JOIALLERIE

by Marisol Email

As you know, at for Caradiaz we don’t do über-expensive, fine jewellery – my sister is actually the ‘Elizabeth Taylor’ in the family. But that doesn’t mean I cannot admire the beautiful Bulgaris, Cartiers, Chanels and Chopards of this world – who wouldn’… more »

From Africa with Love...

by Marisol Email

As you probably know by now if you are one of our regulars, at Caradiaz we love jewellery but not just any jewellery. We don’t do diamonds, pearls or ‘flimsy’ but are rather more interested in the unique and the unusual, the big, bold, ethnic-inspired n… more »

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