Our Story

We are committed to provide our customers with beautifully handcrafted jewellery

in the highest quality - our necklaces, bracelets and earrings, inspired by ancient cultures,

offer a unique finish, durability and design exclusivity.

Caradiaz.com is the UK’s favourite online destination for designer chunky jewellery. Founded by former fashion model and London College of

Fashion graduate Marisol Douglas in 2005, Caradiaz showcases stylish, statement jewellery in unique designs to complement the seasonal catwalk


      Drawing inspiration from her travels and a long-term passion for
      ancient history (Ancient Egypt in particular), Marisol and her team
      bring together a unique selection of ethnic-inspired necklaces,
      bracelets, earrings and brooches designed for style-focussed
      women searching for ‘something a little different’. All pieces are
      beautifully handcrafted to the highest quality, by Spanish artisans,
      with astonishing attention to detail and using a variety of materials,
      which include semi-precious stones, wood and shell, as well as glass
      and resins.

     Caradiaz.com keeps prices affordable despite offering the sort of

     exclusivity that would warrant a designer price tag. At Caradiaz.com,

     we are passionate about jewellery design. We are inspired by the art,

     history and traditions of different cultures and our design team

     combines these influential elements to create something genuinely

     unique and still fashion-focused.


     Caradiaz.com is based in the UK and Marisol divides her time

     between the Kentish countryside, where she lives with her husband,

     daughter and two cats, and her native Spain, where the Caradiaz

     creative and manufacturing teams are based.



Site design: Marisol Douglas    
Model: Florence Clarkson
Model Photography: Ali Tuson
Hair & Make-up: Chantelle Roostan


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